Hey, my name
is Christoph.

I help teams deliver better products in less time by teaching web and cloud technologies.

Learning and Teaching

In tech, you are never done learning. I write about what i've learned on my Blog and on Twitter. Check it out, you might learn a thing or two!

What sparks my interest

I'm curious, open-minded and love technology, UI and UX design and video games. I believe in a culture that allows failure, supports experiments and celebrates learnings.

All around the web

I've been building for the web since 1996 and left a footprint in various industries. I live in Paderborn, Germany, where I organise the Paderborn.js Meetup.

My day job

I'm a Software Architect at dSPACE, where I support multiple scrum teams with web technologies and cloud architecture.

Level up your team!

My workshops help to deliver better web sites and applications in less time by teaching modern tools and techniques that scale and are future-proof.

Contact me

Want me to identify suitable technologies for your use-case? Interested in exchanging ideas or talking about an article i wrote? I’m always up for a chat. Get in touch!