About me

I'm Christoph, a software engineer who has been building for the web since 1996.

I live with my family in Paderborn, Germany, where I organize the local JavaScript meetup Paderborn.js.

In my day job, I help software development and UI/UX teams improve their craft as Director UI Engineering at smartclip.

I regularly work on open source, both as a contributor and a maintainer. Even though I have degrees in computer science, most of my knowledge today is self-taught. I try to regularly write about things I've learned on this site.

When not dabbling with web and cloud technology or enjoying time with my family, I like to play video games or listen to music. I have slightly elitist views on beer, love to travel the world with my wife and friends and have spent most of my adult life trying to get into a regular exercising habit.

Portrait photo of Christoph Werner