About Me

The web is my passion since 1996, when i developed my first website. I've always liked the idea of people all across the globe communicating with one another.

I have a bachelor and a diploma in Computer Sciences, but everything I know about the web platform and cloud services today is self-taught. I consider myself blessed that I get to build great stuff and help others do the same for a living.

One of the major requirements for staying relevant in the web and cloud ecosystem is to always continue learning. This suits me, because i'm a curious and open-minded person who always like to learn and improve.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others adopt the technologies I'm passionate about. I have a keen interest in both user experience and developer productivity.

When not dabbling with web and cloud technology, Iā€™m usually playing videogames or reading books or comics. I have slightly elitist views on beer, love to travel the world with my wife and friends and have spent most of my adult life trying to get into a regular exercising habit.

If you'd like me to speak at your event or teach you or your team web and cloud technologies, please pop me an email ā€“ I'm always up for a chat! I can also help making the right choices on project start or consult on improving what you already have.

I also tweet as @code_punkt ā€“ feel free to contact me there on anything else.


Over the course of the last 15 years, i've worked in a variety of industries and settings, listed in reverse chronological order:

  • Lead Software Architect Web & Cloud at dSPACE

    dSPACE is one of the world's leading providers of tools for developing ECUs. I'm responsible for overseeing and coordinating the technology, architecture and processes required to deliver both cloud-native and cloud-agnostic enterprise software for the automotive industry.

  • Lead Software Developer at invoiz

    Built invoiz, a new SaaS product, from scratch. I helped assemble a new team of 8 developers, chose the initial tech stack and architecture, mentored and guided the team and developed a living styleguide and the launch version in parallel.

  • Senior Software Developer at Pixum

    Frontend team lead at a b2c online photo printing company. I created the first responsive photo product editor based on web technologies, which is still in use today. Amongst a lot of other projects, i also visualized company-wide order data in realtime, integrated a few payment services and helped implement helpdesk and CMS.

  • Software Developer at RLS jakobsmeyer

    Classical agency work. I improved the companies CMS, held customer trainings, implemented various websites and features.