My Writing

Articles and short snippets on a broad spectrum of web- and cloud-related development topics. Practical lessons from real world projects and observations from evaluation of new technology.

  • Evaluation order of field initializers in JavaScript and TypeScript

    This article introduces you to my latest side project and describes a problem that I encountered because I did not understand the sequence between initializing class fields and calling a parent constructor. It then continues to explain how class fields are initialized in javascript and typescript and how I solved my initial problem.

  • How to create a self-updating GitHub profile README

    Profile READMEs are a new GitHub feature that allows user-defined content to be displayed on top of your GitHub profile page. This article explains how to create a basic README, shows few beautiful examples and explains how I've built mine to automatically update with my latest blog posts.

  • Generating beautiful Open Graph images with Node.js

    Open graph images provide nice previews when sharing your website. This article explains how to automatically generate open graph images with Node.js and integrate the results into a Gatsby site.

  • How to set up syntax highlighting for Gatsby

    We're analyzing the benefits of build-time solutions compared to run-time syntax highlighting libraries and showcase a list of the best Gatsby plugins for this purpose.

  • What exactly is vanilla JavaScript?

    The term "vanilla JavaScript" has caused some confusion amongst beginners. This post explains the origins of the term "vanilla" and how it relates to computer software and the JavaScript language.